Handcrafted essential oils & natural products.

Our History

The company was born from the desire to live a simpler and more sustainable life. “when we started a family

in 2016, we wanted products that were truly natural and free from chemicals that harmed the earth. So we

made our own.” Behind the Oils of nature lie two areas of expertise; The science of plants and Botanical

formulation. Built by the power of a team husband and wife, Maroun and Noha Hajj. It’s a rich heritage.

Passed down from grandfather to father. Oils of nature represent a history of more than a hundred years of

natural remedies from oils and plants.

Our Philosophy

Pure plant power for beauty and living wellness

Our philosophy is to use organic and natural ingredients in a scientific approach.

Our products are free from palm oil, SLS, paraben and synthetic colors.

They are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

For you to enjoy your everyday purified way of living.